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Get value for money
– cheap work has hidden costs
Your property is one of the most expensive and important things that you
can own so risking any building work to unregistered contractors, simply
because it is the cheaper option, is false economy.
 Cowboy builders can leave your roof unsafe or unfit for purpose, and put
the safety of others at risk
 their work could also invalidate your building insurance
 they don’t provide warranties or insurance when things go wrong
 they can’t provide Building Regulation Compliance Certificates needed
by solicitors – this could jeopardise any future sale of your property
 they won’t inform you about legal obligations – this will cost you more in
the long run.
Another thing you won’t be made aware of is that you, as the property owner,
are liable to pay a hefty fine for failing to notify the local council when major
works are being undertaken on your property, including roof refurbishment work.
Building Control requires notification of any roofing refurbishment work which
involves over 50% of the roof being repaired or refurbished; this is separate
from planning permission.
You need to either notify your roof refurbishment work via your local council or
you can register it via CompetentRoofer, a Government-licenced Competent
Person Scheme that allows roofers to self-certify their own work, meaning: -
 we notify the council when the work is completed
 you have the added reassurance that the contractor has already been
vetted prior to becoming a member and will continue to have their work
 you will automatically receive a free ten year insurance-backed warranty,on new roof,
which includes breach of Building Regulations and contractor
For more information or to find a member of CompetentRoofer near you
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